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We specialize in video production, live events video streaming, post production, social media video campaigns and more...


Our cost-effective video production services offers our clients a hassle free management of multiple vendors (One Shop Stop) experience, saving time, reducing costs and we will work with your budget. We can handle projects of any size; from single camera to multi-camera shoot with our professional production team.

Our experienced crew consists of the following: videographers, photographers, directors, technical directing, script writers, broadcast engineers and editing.  We like to provide our clients that wow factor that makes an impact upon your audience and clients. 

We have cool toys that allows us to provide our clients with high-definition broadcast quality video, editing and video snippet or gifs and upload to social media sites in “real time” if required. Live multi-camera switching (2 to 8 cameras) allowing artists and production clients to walk away with the line cut of their event.  

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Dynamic Digital Productions™ provides a full range of post-production video services designed to add valuable context and meaning to your videos from taped or live conferences, events, drone footage, real estate photography.  We also color grade videos and images.

We can add in-video branding to recognize sponsors and DVD authoring.


By using the power of social media videos, you can boost your events with more engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

We create experiences by capturing that special moment you may not be able to recreate from a live event.

We provide single, (2) camera up to (8) for Live events whether they’re taped or live streamed. We will help you engage your audience with video ready for social media or live streamed to most social media platforms via live or (PPV) Video on Demand.

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We have been professionally streaming live events, award shows, conferences and meetings for many years. Our experienced technicians can live stream onsite or remotely from large (concerts, live events, pop ups), to small business and private corporate events.


Extend your reach by live broadcasting to all your social channels and sites with multi-channel streaming. This is a great way to engage your fans from all over the world. 



Our team will collaborate with you and your team to help execute a multi platform distribution strategy to increase your reach through various social media, websites.  This will allow your clients or audiences to enjoy your live or tape event experience seamlessly.  Allow us to handle this important element so that you can focus on your event without having to worry about missing your target end users.  Not many are update to date with forever changes in today’s digital realm, but we are!

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