FAA Licensed & Insured Drone Pilot

Real Estate, TV - Film Productions, Surveys, Construction etc...
DID YOU KNOW...... You can be fined $11,000.00 or more if you have any drone photos or video on your site or anywhere on public domain that was not shot by a qualified FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.
We are FAA Licensed and Insured
Dynamic Digital Productions™ is in compliance with FAA Part 107 regulations. We look forward to working with you on your next project.
During the construction phases, drones have many current and potential uses. They help to track and communicate progress, track and manage materials and assets, reduce theft, improve owner visibility, increase safety and provide valuable information for improving design changes
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Aerial Photography and videos

Aerial drone Photography and videos can add a new perspective giving your marketing a more comprehensive look.  Getting the perfect shot can be challenging and requires a trained eye to make the images pop out.  We at Dynamic Digital Productions™ are the professionals with years of experience in television, which sets our imagery above the rest.

Here is one of our most recent aerial shoots at a beautiful venue located in Austin, TX.   Video coming soon!  If you are wanting to to get that perfect aerial shot and do not want to be fined by the FAA, we got you covered.  We provide services to the following; Realtors,  TV / FILM, construction progress, Insurance companies, government agencies and more..

Aerial Samples


** Note:  Packages can be tailored for what you need.  Contact us for your next project so we can provide you with a quote based on scope of work… We also provide 4k content, color grading and night footage  – – –  
(We are authorized to fly at night by the FAA.  Part 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver)  

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