Dynamic Digital Productions™ is a production company that is located in Austin, Texas.  We have over 25 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry providing a range of services from; TV / film / music, live production, multi-camera live streaming / taped, video production, engineering, consulting various production companies and network studios to launching pop up activations at award shows, building broadcast facilities, 360 streaming / recording and now implementing VR / AR experiences.    

Our hands-on experience allows us to stand apart from others making it easy to guide our clients throughout every step, making sure your final production goals are achieved.  Need consultation with your next project? We have you covered. Dynamic Digital Productions™ provides our clients solutions with a fast turnaround time when executing on projects in order to meet their goals.  Apart from consulting, we have experience in building broadcast facilities.  Our team can design, build and implement a robust production facility with a solid workflow that will save you time and money providing clients a great turn-key solution.


Dynamic Digital Productions™ Live Video Stream division can push live video from your event, concert, corporate event to the following; labels, artists, corporate website and  social media pages.  We make things exciting by capturing talent and audience moments from: events, concerts, festivals, etc via pay-per-view, locally, nationwide or globally…  Having the ability to edit in real-time while capturing content makes us stand apart form others while making it fun by adding instant gifs and clips to social sites.  This keeps the audience fully engaged throughout the live event.

*** We look forward to working with you and bringing your project to fruition with our team. 

Dynamic Digital Music™ is also our sister company, which we have finally combined both companies allowing us to provide our clients a one shop stop experience from; music and video production, taping, consulting production companies nationwide.

  *** Texas Chapter Grammy Member

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